Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Way I'm Seeing Paris!

                  You want a 1000 sq ft apartment in Paris? No problem! 
You just pay $455,000 now and then $3,770 a month until the 80 year old woman who lives there dies, and, voila!  It's all yours!

I'm seeing way more of this here than I'd like to.....

Even the public sanitary workers know they have it going on!

All in a day's work in Montmartre.

Who said Paris was mostly Gray? (oh wait, I think that was me...)

No cubicle for this guy!

Be your own Boss.

Shop on Carlos V --- The stinkin' mutt gets her roam of the place. I can't even afford to walk in!

 A little Parisian Graffiti.

 Some of the flower shops are actually prettier than the gardens here in Paris.

 Smaller than the SMART car -- no room for a shotgun rider!

You can smell these cheese stands from waaaaaaayyy back!

I guess no photo log of Paris would be complete without a take of the infamous E.T. Here's mine.

 I'm sure now that I'm not cool enough for this town!

Checking out Jardin du Luxembourg

What the French do when they aren't drinking awesome wine

Life on the Champs Elysees

 Bikes for Rent Around Town - Pick it up here, Drop it off someplace else...


 Smoke Break

Trendy Le Marais

 I think he was downloading something from Amazon....